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General Information
Q: What defines Fict Zero?
A: Fict Zero serves as a genesis asset within the Confiction Labs ecosystem, offering holders exclusive access to various benefits and opportunities, including exclusive franchise rights on top of our IP. Read more in detail here: (Medium)
Q: What is the total supply of Fict Zero?
A: The total supply of Fict Zero is set at 888 units.
  • Initially, 333 units will be allocated to original holders.
  • The subsequent distribution will be allocated algorithmically based on the average of last year's staking.
Q: What are the key benefits of owning Fict Zero?
A: Holding Fict Zero in our ecosystem brings you these advantages:
  • Genesis Asset Benefits: As a Fict Zero owner, you get early access to our newest features, releases, exclusive communities, airdrops, and rewards.
  • Franchise Rights: Fict Zero is designed to be the only way to utilize our franchise. You are granted exclusive franchise rights, enabling you to start initiatives (including business) on top of our IP, subject to our approval.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to providing continuous support to all Fict Zero holders and franchise partners. We're here to answer your queries, offer technical help, or guide you on fully utilizing your benefits.
Q: Are there plans to expand the utility of Fict Zero?
A: We are committed to continuously developing Fict Zero's utility and plan to introduce new features, collaborations, and exclusive opportunities for our holders.
Q: Could you share some details on Franchise Rights?
A: Franchise Rights is the exclusive privilege granted to holders of Fict Zero. This benefit allows Fict Zero holders to apply for and secure the rights to develop and operate new ventures through legally binding contracts for any IPs or Brand under the Confiction Labs ecosystem. The rights will be given under predefined conditions and a rigorous screening process. This ensures that the new franchises are within compliance with statutory obligations and capable of maintaining the standards & ethos of the Confiction brand.
Q: How can I apply for Fict Zero?
A: You may apply for Fict Zero through our application page (iamzero.confiction.com).
Q: Am I allowed to submit multiple applications?
A: The Fict Zero application is limited to one submission per individual.
Q: How can I check the status of my application?
A: Your application status will be updated on your results page and accompanied by email notifications to keep you informed. For real-time updates, please follow our official Twitter account @FictZero (https://twitter.com/fictzero). We are committed to maintaining transparency and clarity throughout the application process.
Q: Can I cancel my Fict Zero reservation for a refund?
A: Due to the exclusive nature of Fict Zero and the limited spots available, all reservations cannot be refunded and are considered a firm commitment to securing your place within our ecosystem. This policy ensures that every interested participant has a fair chance to obtain their allocation for exclusive access to our community.
Q: What happens after my application gets approved?
A: If your application status is accepted, you will be informed through our social media or your email to make a reservation before minting. Please keep on notice!
Q: Why am I unable to complete my Fict Zero reservation?
A: Reserving Fict Zero requires a minimum balance of 0.2 ETH in your wallet, not including gas fees. We recommend having a slightly higher balance, such as 0.22 ETH, to account for potential fluctuations in gas prices and ensure a smooth reservation process.
Q: What should I do after the reservation? What do I need to prepare for mint?
A: We will notify you from e-mail and our socials about the mint details. The details of the mint process will be available on future minting websites. Minting Fict Zero requires a minimum balance of 0.8 ETH in your wallet, not including gas fees.
Q: What security measures are in place for Fict Zero transactions?
A: We prioritize the security of our holders, employing robust encryption to safeguard transactions and ownership of Fict Zero.
Q: What should I do if I need help or have questions during this process?
A: If you need assistance or have inquiries related to your application, please utilize our support system on Discord by opening a ticket. Our support team is ready to provide prompt and efficient help. Our Discord serves as a central point for community interaction and support, ensuring all your needs are addressed with care.